Culture & Climate Change: Scenarios residencies – audio from event at Arts Admin on 27-1-2016

Please follow this link to a dropbox folder holding a recording from this event that forms part of our Culture and Climate Change: Scenarios programme, and particularly our pilot programme of three ‘networked artists residencies’:

This will allow those that couldn’t attend to catch a good portion of what went on. Note that recording was limited to my iPhone being pointed at a too-distant speaker. I apologise, but you should be able to hear everything bar some of the questions.

Project lead Renata Tyszczuk of the University of Sheffield School of Architecture talks on the origins of scenario thinking and why that history matters today; Mark Maslin of UCL outlines the science-policy relationship; Kate Fletcher and Dilys Williams of the London College of Fashion Centre for Sustainable Fashion point to the ways in which culture, climate change and the future come together in their work and project producer Hannah Bird also answers questions about how our experimental network residencies will work. I’ve edited out Tony White’s reading of his provocative short story The Holborn Cenotaph because the emphasis here is on the background context and practical information about the residencies, and because Tony will want to choose when and where he shares that.

Thanks to the contributors, visitors and of course Arts admin for hosting the evening. Thanks also to the Jerwood Foundation, Ashden Trust, The Open University and University of Sheffield who are supporting the residencies.


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