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Learn and Live

Open University graduation ceremonies always choke me up, but this was certain to be a big one for me. Last October my mother, an OU student, learnt that she would die within a year. She was magnificent about it. Life … Continue reading

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Less climate – more action

Less climate – more action These slides form the basis of my contribution to the Sheffield Green Commission’s session on communication etc. I aim to put together a post based on this if time allows to pop up here.

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What’s stopping us? Acting on climate change will make life better

Here is the text of an email interview exchange with Daniela Klebis, who is Executive Editor of a new Brazilian Magazine ClimaCom. The Portuguese version appears here, but I’ve pasted our exchanges (unedited) below. Daniela got in touch after reading … Continue reading

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Stories of Change TippingPoint event in Oxford 21st/22nd September

Photo: Alison Tickell of Julie’s Bicycle; Gunjan Parik of C40, Jo Walton of Ashden; Karen O’Brien of University of Oslo and Juliet Davenport, Good Energy talk energy transformations in the Sheldonian Theatre, Oxford. Photo by Gorm Ashurst @gorminator This post … Continue reading

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Stories of Change: arts and social sciences support energy transitions

This post outlines a new research project I’m heading up, funded by the AHRC. It’ll run for the next three years. The post will appear in a couple of newsletters and blogs here and there. Its a great team and … Continue reading

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An open letter to Nigel Farage (and offer of a pint)

Dear Nigel I was concerned for you on Channel 4 News tonight. I’ve never seen you looking uncomfortable in front of the camera before. Answering questions about climate change with water all around you left you short of breath and … Continue reading

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New Year – New Weather – Happy? On trends and variations

Just received a message from an OU geography graduate, with the above photo, that reads: ‘Just a short note to wish you a Happy New Year with a short update. Record levels of Antarctic sea ice, Summer and Winter and … Continue reading

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