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An open letter to Nigel Farage (and offer of a pint)

Dear Nigel I was concerned for you on Channel 4 News tonight. I’ve never seen you looking uncomfortable in front of the camera before. Answering questions about climate change with water all around you left you short of breath and … Continue reading

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New Year – New Weather – Happy? On trends and variations

Just received a message from an OU geography graduate, with the above photo, that reads: ‘Just a short note to wish you a Happy New Year with a short update. Record levels of Antarctic sea ice, Summer and Winter and … Continue reading

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The world in a wardrobe

Later today I’m contributing to a Festival of Ideas event organised by Zoe Svendsen linked to Metis Arts and co’s World Factory project. I’ll be talking about sustainability, fashion and the clothing industry, basing my contribution on a chapter in … Continue reading

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We’re all in this (test tube) together

In the wake of contributing to the Battle of Ideas ‘New Environmentalism’ debate yesterday, and a twitter exchange with OU colleagues Mark Brandon and Simon Kelley I recalled this 2008 post I put on OpenLearn about a really smart piece … Continue reading

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The New Environmentalism?

Tomorrow I’m contributing to a debate on ‘the new environmentalism’ at the Battle of Ideas at the Barbican. It has had me dusting down a book I wrote for Granta in 2006 ‘What Do Greens Believe’. General argument within is: … Continue reading

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Climate change and the media: time to turn the page?

Image: Screen grab from How has climate change been made into a form of public knowledge? I’m giving a keynote at the Deutscher Geographentag 2013 in Passau this Saturday.  I will draw on some past academic research as well … Continue reading

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How Much Land Does A Man Need

Photo: Zosia, Easter 2013, Joe Smith It isn’t possible to mark a birth date for the modern conservation movement and its conjoined twin environmentalism, but the hat feather boycotts of more than a century ago offer as good a date … Continue reading

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Where is the Spirit of 45 in climate politics?

  I’ve still not managed to get to see Ken Loach’s film based on documentary footage of the birth of the welfare state, but heard the producer Rebecca O’Brien talking about it at The Story 2013. Not sure where it’s … Continue reading

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Less climate change: more flag quizzes?

I’m digging around in the proposed changes to the UK curriculum, including geography, which to date has been the main home of school learning about environmental issues. Climate change and sustainability are entirely absent from a 221 page document. Drafting … Continue reading

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More HST less speed?

  Photo: The Hovertrain track at Sutton Gault, Joe Smith, January 2013 Embarrassing really: I’m assuming that plenty of headline writers have ground out this one before me. In truth I’m not sure what to think about UK government proposals … Continue reading

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